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본 MST검사는 이런 분께 추천드립니다.


- 내 자신에 대해 알고 싶은 분

- 소심하고 결정장애가 있는 분

- 직업의 전환이 필요한데 결정을 못 내리는 분

- 늘 생각이 많고 고민때문에 숙면을 못하는 분

- 청소년 시험스트레스, 진로, 적성, 정서불안

- 취업고민이 많은 대학생

- 나쁜 남자(여자)를 만나 힘들었던 분

- 배우자에 대해 잘 이해하고 싶은 분

- 가족간에 관계가 소홀하여 힘든 분

- 스트레스가 많은 직장인

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MST검사의 목적은 삶에 영향을 줄 수 있는 다양한 요인들에 대하여 분석함으로써 스스로 자신의 장단점을 이해하고 자존감과 행복감을 높이는데 있습니다. 

삶의 만족도를 떨어뜨리는 요인들에는 욕구불만, 표현능력부족, 결정장애, 부정적사고, 불안심리, 피해의식 등과 같이 행동조절, 인지조절, 동기조절이 있습니다.

DNA 연구소에서 기본성향, 행동유형, 직무능력, 내면심리, 잠재력, 직업적합도 분석을 통해 삶의 동기와 목표를 재정립하고 긍정적 사고를  강화하는 내용을 포함하고 있습니다. 

특히 본 연구소의 MST진단프로그램이 보여주는 정밀한 분석 테이터는 개개인의 삶의 만족도에 유의한 영향을 미치는 것으로 확인되었습니다.

자주 묻는 질문

Who is Spirit Baby Communication for?

Spirit Baby Communication is for anyone who has the call to communicate with spirit babies.

No need to have special gifts, to be psychic or claivoyant. If the timing is right and you are open and willing to communicate with spirit babies then it is for you.

It can be for future mums or dads, singles or couples, before during or after a pregancy...


Do I have a Spirit Baby?

If you are asking the question, there is a high probabiblity that you have one ;-) Does everyone has a spirit baby? Not necessaraly, most of us made that decision before our incarnation but never forget that we have a free-will so you can always decide not to have children even if you were originally planning on having one, the same way that you can call in a spirit baby even if you originally were not going to have one. The most important is to make a decision in alignement with your soul, with your higher self.

Where do Babies come from?

We are all souls who existed before this incarnation and who will carry on living after we passed away. We could visualize an invisible world that can be called the univers where there are guides, angels, beings of lights, the death realm... and the spirit baby realm. When a soul is ready, it will go to the spirit baby realm and get ready to incarnate. The soul will define the reason of its incarnation on earth, what does it want to experiment, where does it need to live, what kind of parents it will need... Once all of this is done, it will try to find the parents who can falicitate this environemet and who can support him and its life mission, that is when a contract will be created between this soul and its future parents. The contrat can be created before our own incarnation or during, it can also be created life times before our own incarnation. BABIES ARE SOULS COMING ON EARTH TO HAVE A HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

What is my experience with Spirit Babies Communication?

I guess my connection with spirit babies have been here for a while. My life`s path got changed in 2006 when I did not enter medical school but midwifery school instead. At that time I had now idea but looking back now, it was a message from spirit babies to go in that direction. In 2015, I helped a woman who has been trying to get pregant for 7 years to get pregant naturally. After 2 sessions with me, she decided to cancelled her IVF planned for July and in September, she was pregant. She now has a 5 years old son. I have quite few other stories like that, I helped someone do a spiritual abortion, I transmitted message from babies`s soul to their future mums, I saw past lifes involving birth, baby and explaining some actual situation... So I knew, there were something special between babies to come and I but never really know what to do with that... until I got pregnant in september 2019. I`ve been in communication with the soul of that baby since 2014 and once I got pregant, she starting to tell me to work with expecting mums to help them communicate with their babies. I lost that baby at 11 weeks, it has been really difficult but it teached me sooooo much and especially how to help women who miscarry from a body, mind and spirit perspective. My second baby arrived in April 2020, and before I god pregnant, he came in my dream, prepared me to expect a boy (things that I have never considered, I was sure I will have a girl first but plans have changed), he gave me his name, told me his purpose... Few weeks later, I foud out I was pregant and since that he pushed me to explore the spirit baby realm and to finally accept my own life purpose of helping incarnation and facilitate spirit baby communication with parents to be. IT IS TIME FOR ME TO FINALLY ACCEPT WHY I CAME HERE FOR.

Can Anyone communicate with Spirit Babies?

As I mentionned in "Who is Spirit baby Communication for?", YES anyone who is willing to communicate with spirit babies can, there is no need for special abilities. The key is to trust the process, to remove any doubts which might be on the way and to create space and quiet to facilitate the communication.

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